1. LM Ballot Entries

    Hi Please could someone help me. When entering the ballot for the London Marathon if you are not successful do you get your fee back

  2. No more challenges?

    Morning any news on the future of the run hub challenges? Little curious as to who won the Merino shirt lucky dip and of course the 2015 km Maybe we have disbanded without prior warnng, any way guys k...

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    Is this challenge working?

    I thought this one was for your fastest half, it seems to be showing how many kms you've done? 

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    RunHub Altitude Data?

    The altitude has now been registered. Strange that it took so long and wasn't sync'd with the mileage? My Garmin is broken, so i'm reliant on the RunHub App on iPhone.

  5. Challenge logging slowest times not fastest!

    I've decided to leave the Perfect 10 as it's logging the 10Ks I cover in my LSR marathon training runs and replacing my fast tempo 10Ks with it! For example 10K of 54.11@ 8.44 pace the other day which...

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    Perfect 10 leader board??

    My runs are not being listed despite joining the perfect 10 challenge. Also, i cant access the leader boards. Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?? thanks   DB

  7. First place....

    Duh!! Problem solved. Thanks guys! And just keep off that last place.  It's mine :-)

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    Yes I know, I was joking. Point being RW forgot to plan ahead in Dec to launch challenge for full year. Then they fail to realise a Km challenge has its administration problems.   I only ran 1500 mil...

  9. 2015 run the year in Km

    make it 2015 miles is a very imposing challenge and if you look back to the 1000 mile challenge of 2014, there were not many runners who broke 2000 miles, and also that equates to 40 miles each week o...

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    2015 - miles

    Just make it 2015 miles instead!  

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