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  1. LM Ballot Entries

    Hi Please could someone help me. When entering the ballot for the London Marathon if you are not successful do you get your fee back

  2. No more challenges?

    Morning any news on the future of the run hub challenges? Little curious as to who won the Merino shirt lucky dip and of course the 2015 km Maybe we have disbanded without prior warnng, any way guys k...

  3. 2 Posts

    Is this challenge working?

    I thought this one was for your fastest half, it seems to be showing how many kms you've done? 

  4. 2 Posts

    RunHub Altitude Data?

    The altitude has now been registered. Strange that it took so long and wasn't sync'd with the mileage? My Garmin is broken, so i'm reliant on the RunHub App on iPhone.

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  1. Jubilant January

    Aim for 10 miles and then keep going! We have badges from 10 - 40 miles so whatever your aim is for ...

  2. Winter Warrior

    Being a Winter Warrior is all about getting out there and running, simple. If you log ten sessions o...

  3. Armadillo Sports Merry Marathon

    Run the equivalent distance of a marathon in December to be entered into prize draw to win a Armadil...