1000 Mile Challenge - winner

Last year when we launched RunHub, we tried to think of a challenge that runners could work towards all year long. 1000 miles seemed like a good benchmark. 555 of you took on this challenge and of those, 75 smashed through the 1000 mile marker.

Some people went even further, top of the mile leaderboard for the year are Iain (3,372 miles) and Nicky (2,911 miles) who had a great year clocking up some amazing miles. Both of them win a new pair of trainers, mainly because their's must be knackered!

However, there could only be one winner of the big prize and so of the 75 who logged more than 1000 miles we randomly generated a number and the winner was Michael Turton (1,645 miles), so congrats to him!

Remember to sign up to more challenges to win more prizes, we have a big one coming up in February. 



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  1. What a superb prize, many thanks to Ben and the team for sending it so quickly too. I really enjoyed the challenge, it was great to see the leader board each week which kept the momentum for the year. Brilliant competition, thanks runner world!
  2. Well done Michael. Much deserved!

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